At, we take all aspects of your health extremely seriously and we aim to provide essential information on various injuries you may sustain whether in the home, at work or anywhere else you happen to be at the time of an incident. Our injury guides cover relevant symptoms, diagnosis and the treatments commonly used to get yet you back on track as safely as possible in the quickest time. injury guides cover everything from a broken/fractured finger to a skull fracture. We provide essential information on free private medical care and free private physiotherapy aftercare in your area following an accident that left you injured. We also provide useful information on medical aids you could be entitled to receive free of charge whether it is a sling for a broken arm, a support boot for a fractured foot, a foam collar to help support a whiplash injury or crutches to help you get around, all of which could help speed up your recovery time considerably.

Free Health Advice When You Need it Most

Each injury guide provides valuable advice, useful tips on how to recognise specific symptoms, how to care for your injury and links to more information about an injury you may have sustained. All of which ensures your health and wellbeing is cared for from the moment you sustain an injury through to essential aftercare.

A UK-based Provider is a UK-based provider that covers the entire country offering a great alternative to NHS hospital appointments, long waiting lists and overcrowded waiting rooms when you need it most. Our healthcare and medical support allows you to take advantage of free private treatment from specialists located all over the UK. It also means that you benefit from expert medical treatment in a comfortable environment that can get you back on your feet faster and safer too.

For decades, the NHS has successfully provided public-funded healthcare to people throughout the country. However, these days government budgets are tight and as such financial cuts have negatively impacted the level of healthcare the NHS can offer its patients. Waiting lists are long with doctors and other NHS medical professionals being put under tremendous stress and pressure every day. Mistakes are made through fatigue and lack of funding for public hospitals, surgeries and other NHS medical facilities.

At, we make it our mission for you to be seen by a private medical professional sooner rather than later, taking all the issues of long waiting lists and overcrowded waiting rooms off the table. In short, we do our level best to make sure you are seen by a private specialist as quickly as possible whether you are suffering from a mild or serious injury. The services we provide are discreet, confidential. We handle your sensitive information with the utmost care.

Appointments, Diagnosis, Treatments and Aftercare Local to You

Wherever you live in the UK, provides essential information on free private health care in your area where medical experts and specialists are ready to help you get back on the road to recovery with the minimum amount of stress and anxiety. If you need specialist aftercare which includes private physiotherapy, can arrange for you to be treated locally with no strings attached or extra costs.

Taking Control of Your Own Overall Health and Wellbeing provides essential information on free private medical care in your area which allows you to take control of your own health and wellbeing following an accident that left you injured without the worry of NHS waiting lists and overworked doctors, nurses and other health professionals who work practices and surgeries.

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Contact one of our health experts today and find out whether you would be entitled to free private medical care as well as free private physiotherapy in your area for an injury you sustained. Whether you were injured in a road traffic accident, in the home, in the workplace or anywhere else an incident occurred which includes while playing sports, we can let you know in minutes whether you qualify for free private treatment or physiotherapy. We can also let you know if you would be entitled to any free medical aids like a sling, ankle support, foot boot or crutches that could help speed up your recovery so you get back to doing normal daily activities sooner rather than later.

To find out more about our services and how we can help you get back on your feet following an incident that left you injured whether it is free private medical treatment, free private physiotherapy and/or medical aids, please contact today.